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  • Advisory for Catena-X by SAP
  • Onboarding Consulting by SSC
  • Strategy & Concept by Detecon
  • Start 2 Conncet by Sovity

SAP Advisory for Catena-X

Technical Enablement, Business Value, Full Scope Services & Bundles, Organizational Enablement SAP

Assess your Catena-X engagement to leverage business value through collaboration in the network. Integrate the leading best practices of the automotive industry and define an appropriate process and solution architecture. Get special advisory to define your value-based transformation roadmap guiding your path towards the target processes and solution architecture. Identify the potentials to accelerate the value realization.

Onboarding Consulting: SME

Technical Enablement, Business Value, Full Scope Services & Bundles, Organizational Enablement SSC Services GmbH

As IT enablers we reduce the entry barriers for SMEs and ensure a seamless integration to the ecosystem. By connecting third-party systems with the Eclipse Dataspace Connector (EDC), we facilitate enhanced collaboration and automation. Complementary to the technical enablement, we offer comprehensive consulting on the complete onboarding process including value analysis and training as a one stop solution.

Strategy & Concept

Technical Enablement, Business Value, Full Scope Services & Bundles, Organizational Enablement – Qualified Detecon International GmbH

Advisory Workshop for Onboarding phase “Business Value”: Day 1: Get common understanding about the WHY – WHAT – HOW of Catena-X: Motivation for the initiative, objectives, stakeholder, use cases, business benefits, architecture, Onboarding process Day 2: Deep dives into individual topics for your company in order to define the Business Value from participating in the Catena-X network: What’s in for my company.

Start 2 Connect

Technical Enablement, Business Value, Full Scope Services & Bundles, Organizational Enablement App Development Architecture Enablement Onboarding Sovity

Accelerate your knowledge gain, shape your overall approach & architecture, define your roadmap, and establish a reliable data exchange for Catena-X. Leverage Sovity’s expertise and certified enablement services to boost your journey to Catena-X. Sovity helps both application providers as well as network participants who are joining the network.

Enablement & Business Value

Find a wide range of services designed to provide you with broad enablement and to deliver significant business value.

  • Data-centric Mindset Change by Detecon
  • Value Workshop and Registration by Polygran
  • Registrierung & Onboarding by DFGE
  • ESG und CSRD Support by DFGE

Data-centric Mindset Change

Business Value, Organizational Enablement Detecon

Advisory Workshop for Onboarding phase “Organizational Enablement”: Day 1: Creation of a common understanding about the value of data and the need for data-centricity as well as the importance of an enabling culture and mindset of your employees Day 2: Deep dives to design the Change Journey for your organization and all relevant stakeholders towards data-centricity in order to successfully implement Catena-X.

Value Workshop and Registration

Business Value, Organizational Enablement Polygran GmbH

Our industry expertise and experience enables us to understand your needs and requirements and offer customized solutions. Together with Polygran you will identify potential benefits like innovation, sustainability or transparency and start your first steps towards a successful Catena-X participation.

Registrierung & Onboarding

Technical Enablement, Business Value, Organizational Enablement DFGE

The support with registration is provided in two workshops a) Registration in the system by maintaining the address data, VAT ID, etc. (duration approx. 30min, online) Checking the registration data by Cofinity-X can take several working days. b) registration in the portal with BPN no., wallet ID for your connection by external EDC provider (duration approx. 30min, online).

ESG und CSRD Support

Business Value, Organizational Enablement DFGE

Whether you are creating your ESG and sustainability management from scratch or whether you fall under the requirements of the European reporting obligation, the CSRD. With modular solutions from a holistic CSRD and ESRS support, double materiality, strategic elaboration, CSRD report or carbon accounting and transition plan, such as CCF, PCF, SBTi, Net Zero, TCFD or ESG rating support, such as CDP, EcoVadis, NQC SAQ, ISS ESG, GRESB.

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