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As the first operating company of the Catena-X dataspace, we facilitate secure and reliable data exchange throughout the value chain. We provide essential services such as the registration of a unique Business Partner Number (BPN).


Dataspace OS

This App enables you to connect via the EDC-Connector to the Catena-X Dataspace. It provides a set of tools to easily develop and manage all relevant Enablement Services.

Dataspace OS

Golden Record

The Golden Record Service deduplicates, cleans and automatically updates business partner data within the Catena-X network.

App Marketplace

Trace X

To ensure a transparent value chain traceability is a key factor. This app allows to Create Quality Alerts & Quality Investigations and offers an interactive Quality Dashboard.

App Marketplace


In our marketplace you will find a range of different apps developed by us and external app providers such as SAP, T-Systems and many more.

App Marketplace

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Cofinity-X in a nutshell.
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As the first operating company, we are taking the Catena-X ecosystem from vision to reality. Founded in January 2023, our team provides you with a range of certified products that enable reliable data exchange along the value chain.

We are disrupting the collaborative technology landscape and delivering unmatched value to the global automotive industry. Welcome to the future with Cofinity-X.

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Cofinity-X in a nutshell.
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Markus Kamieth

Member of the Board of Executive Directors BASF SE

“As the leading chemical supplier to the automotive industry, we see tremendous opportunities in operating an ecosystem based on standardized digital services and harmonized data models. This will strengthen supply chain resilience, improve transparency, and accelerate the transformation towards circularity and net zero carbon footprints across many material categories.”

Oliver Zipse

Chairman of the Board BMW AG

“The challenges that industries across the globe are facing today can only be solved with a joint and holistic approach to enhance our entire value chains: making them more traceable, more sustainable, more resilient. Catena-X and Cofinity-X have the potential to be a game changer on this endeavor.”

Mark Dorn

Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies and Member of the Board Henkel Adhesive Technologies

“The collaboration among OEMs, suppliers and partners is crucial to improve the much-needed transparency along the entire value chain. While Catena-X is pioneering the definition of the common standards in key areas such as circular economy, carbon footprint tracking and parts traceability in the automotive industry, we see the new joint venture (Cofinity-X) as a further driver of the digital transformation in the industry and Henkel is highly committed to be a part of it.”

Markus Schäfer

Member of the Board of Management, Chief Technology Officer, Development & Procurement Mercedes-Benz Group AG

“At Mercedes-Benz, we’re convinced that transparency, efficiency, and data sovereignty are the key levers for sustainable and data-driven value chains. Through the new Cofinity-X joint venture, we are bringing to life the Catena-X vision of an open ecosystem for secure and standardized data exchange along the entire value chain. The first solutions are almost ready and, thanks to Cofinity-X, every company in the automotive sector can shortly benefit from services and offers that use the results of Catena-X.”

Christian Klein

Chief Executive Officer SAP SE

“Catena-X aims to provide greater resiliency and transparency to the automotive value chain, improving its quality and efficiency for all companies involved. This open and collaborative data ecosystem perfectly reflects SAP’s vision to enable every organization to become a network of intelligent, sustainable enterprises and gives the companies leveraging the Catena-X automotive network access to a broad portfolio of SAP solutions, from enabling the traceability of products across multiple parties in the supply chain to tracking and calculating the Scope 3 emissions. Cofinity-X marks another important milestone in this pioneering project, and one to which we are excited to contribute.”

Klaus Rosenfeld

Chief Executive Officer Schaeffler AG

“Together with sustainability, digitalization is driving the transformation of today‘s automotive industry. This transformation can only be successful with a trustworthy and secure data exchange along the entire value chain. This requires top standards and, therefore, a common effort among strong partners. As one of the founding members of Cofinity-X Schaeffler is proud to contributing to this essential goal.“

Cedrik Neike

Member of the Managing Board and CEO Digital Industries Siemens AG

“The joint venture helps us to achieve sustainability and efficiency goals in the automotive industry faster and more efficiently. This is only possible in a strong team at eye level between the automotive industry, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers. Siemens provides Catena-X applications that can be used by all participants in the automotive value chain, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Timotheus Höttges

Chief Executive Officer Deutsche Telekom AG

“Deutsche Telekom is proud to be a Catena-X technology partner from the very beginning. With the founding of the first Catena-X operating company, we are now a big step closer to our common goal: To span a cloud-based data network for a digitalized European automotive industry. A network governed by data sovereignty, full GDPR compliance and highest security standards.”

Hauke Stars

Member of the Executive Board, IT and Digitalization Volkswagen Group

“In Volkswagen Group’s New Auto strategy, digitalization plays a central role in making manufacturing more efficient and sustainable, improving our customer experience, and gearing our business model to the future. The prerequisite for this is connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and partners into a secure data ecosystem. Catena-X is the framework for such a collaborative, open platform along the entire value chain. With our joint venture Cofinity-X, we are now implementing this vision: with an open marketplace with applications and services that enable secure and standardized data exchange between all players. Cofinity-X customers can access applications and services to realize strategic use cases such as CO2 and ESG monitoring, component traceability, and circular economy. We want to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies in particular to participate in this data ecosystem on an equal footing. With this, we are taking the digitalization of the automotive industry to the next level.”

Dr. Holger Klein

Chief Executive Officer ZF Group

“Catena-X offers us a high variety for required and future-oriented use cases. These help participating companies, for example, to secure material supplies, drive the digitalization of their production across company boundaries, or comply with social, climate protection and human rights standards throughout the entire value chain. With the new operating company, we now have the opportunity for the first time to offer cross-company digital solutions via an open and freely accessible marketplace. This gives us an important competitive advantage.”

Oliver Ganser

Chairman of the Board Catena-X Automotive Network e.V.

“Cofinity-X is pioneering the industrialization of Catena-X standards and software artifacts to offer an onboarding point for customers to the Catena-X data space. I am excited to see the first truly open and interoperable product and service portfolio come to live and derive value for all members.”

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