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Welcome to the Cofinity-X blog! We write about the latest trends, insights, and innovations in the automotive industry. Our mission is to keep you informed and inspired by sharing valuable content that spans a wide range of topics, from in-depth analyses and industry news to expert opinions and practical guides. Explore the digital transformation of the automotive industry in 2024: In addition to the latest updates on Cofinity-X and its related developments, we aim to provide you with deeper insights into the functionality and value of Catena-X.

Catena-X breaking change release 2024: What you need to know

Get ready for the next big leap in the Catena-X ecosystem! The breaking change release scheduled for Q4 2024 will bring substantial advancements, reshaping our data space. Our comprehensive action plan, spread across three waves, will guide you through necessary updates and testing phases. Participate in our support initiatives to ensure a seamless transition and stay ahead of the curve with the latest developments.

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Cofinity-X: The key to joining the Catena-X network

The successful integration of a company into the Catena-X network is a complex process that requires consideration of a number of factors. Cofinity-X possesses the requisite expertise to provide support to companies facing this challenge. This article presents an analysis of the potential benefits that companies may derive from such a collaboration, as well as an examination of the steps that must be taken to ensure a successful integration.

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Ready for Catena-X: How companies can get on board

Catena-X opens the doors to a networked and future-proof automotive industry. Find out in this blog article how companies are using innovative strategies and smart solutions to master the seamless entry into this revolutionary network. Be inspired and discover the potential that Catena-X holds for the automotive industry.

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Cofinity-X collaborates with BMW group to implement business partner data management use case

Cologne, July 4th, 2024 – Cofinity-X and BMW Group are delighted to make public the successful implementation of the Business Partner Data Management (BPDM) use case within the Catena-X network. This collaboration represents a significant advance in the standardization and optimization of business partner data processes across the automotive sector. Find out more in the press release!

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Challenges and solutions in building a open and collaborative data ecosystem in the automotive industry

A collaborative data ecosystem offers enormous potential for the automotive industry, but the road to it is paved with challenges. Our article highlights the technical, economic and cultural barriers that need to be overcome. Learn about the strategic solutions that Catena-X and Cofinity-X are developing to establish secure and standardized data platforms that promote innovation and sustainability.

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The Cofinity-X summer party in 2024

A highlight in June was the Cofinity-X’s summer party – an event that not only served to entertain, but also strengthened the community and released new energy for the future. It was a day full of highlights, interesting conversations and reflection on the company’s impressive journey over the past twelve months. From a relaxing boat trip to exciting virtual reality games and a delicious dinner: The summer party was the living proof to the dynamic company culture that is alive and well at Cofinity-X.

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The future of the automotive industry: Can Catena-X save the value chain?

In our latest blog post, we explore how Catena-X aims to address the complex challenges of the automotive industry as a revolutionary platform. Read on to find out if Catena-X is the key technology for the future of the value chain.

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Cofinity-X & Volkswagen Group jointly achieve a milestone in business partner management for the Volkswagen Group

Wolfsburg, June 5th, 2024 – The successful collaboration between Cofinity-X and Volkswagen Group Info Services AG marks a significant advancement in business partner management. Read how this milestone was achieved and what innovative approaches and technologies were employed to propel the Volkswagen Group forward.

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How can Cofinity-X enhance data sovereignty in the automotive industry?

Explore how Cofinity-X enhances data sovereignty in the automotive industry, empowering companies to maintain control over their valuable data. Join us on a journey through the challenges and solutions of data sovereignty in the automotive industry. How does Cofinity-X manage to lead the automotive sector securely and sovereignly into the digital future? Can targeted innovation and cutting-edge technologies help reclaim control over corporate data? A glimpse into the future of mobility and data security!

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