Your Onboarding Journey

As the first operating company, we are the pioneers in onboarding companies to the Catena-X dataspace. Our Experts will guide you smoothly through that process.

Onboard your Company in 5-Steps

A Step-by-Step Guide to join Cofinity-X and the Catena-X Data space.

1. Choose your solution(s)

We assist you to find the right solutions that meet your business needs, here is a collection.

Sustainability & CO2 footprint

Carbon Footprint Tracking solutions enable concise, accurate calculation and reporting of CO2 values along the value chain. – Stay ahead in Carbon Footprint transparency – Derive potential sustainability improvements – Play an active role in the global effort to reach net-zero


This is the backbone of Cofinity-X and empowers execution of our value chain focus with a standardized and efficient quality alerting process across multiple n-tier levels.
Our Traceability KIT provides you with Standars, documentation, reference implementations, quick guides, etc. This makes it easier and faster to develop solutions and make them available to the network. – All products meet quality standards – Conduct recall actions efficiently – Provide transparency regarding the origin of materials and parts

Circular economy

The recycling of materials is an ever-increasing topic of importance within the automotive industry. The information about the condition of components can be transparently displayed among suppliers and customers to properly re-use parts and components. By implementing circular economy, companies can improve on various levels. – The ratio of recyclable materials – Reducing waste – Implementing cost-saving measures – Enhance the company’s financial efficiency

Demand and capacity management

Matching supply and demand to ensure efficient use of resources is key to meeting customer needs. – Enhance visibility and receive timely notifications regarding capacity shortages, delivery issues, and potential bottlenecks. – Augment transparency regarding both current and projected demand and capacity scenarios. – Optimize capacity utilization to mitigate both overcapacities and capacity shortfalls effectively.

Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Cultivating a robust Manufacturing-as-a-Service ecosystem, our platform serves as an interconnected hub. Here, component suppliers and manufacturing platforms synergize their strengths, fostering mutual growth. – Customers effortlessly submit requests components as needed – Suppliers enjoy heightened market visibility, effortlessly attracting new orders, and maximizing their operational capacities.

2. Sign the agreements

The signing of the Framework Agreements is an important step in providing clarity and legal security for collaboration within the Catena-X Data Space. By formalising the data exchange through these agreements, we lay the foundation for a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.The framework agreements are based on the Roles in the Catena-X Ecosystem. These range from Data Provider/Cosumer, to Advisory Providers and 3rd Party Application Providers. 

  • Standardized Framework based on your Catena-X Role
  • Ensure secure and reliable data exchange
  • Required by all parties within the Catena-X data space

2. Sign the agreements

3. Register your company

We will prepare your account and then ask you to confirm your company details, such as VAT-ID or address.

A clearing house will then validate the data before a unique Business Partner Number (BPN) is generated. This is central for all furher activities within the data space. We will inform you by email when everything is completed.

  • We will invite you by email to confirm your company data
  • Data is validated by an external clearing house
  • You will receive your Business Partner number and access to the portal
Step-by-step registration guide

3. Register your company

4. Enter the dataspace

Before you can exchange data within the ecosystem, you need to set up your technical environment. One thing is crucial:

  • Eclipse Data Space Connector (EDC)

As Catena-X is based on open source, you can either use our service, develop your own internal solution, or choose one provided on our marketplace. We will guide you through this together with your IT administrators.

App Marketplace

4. Enter the dataspace

5. Explore the marketplace

Our marketplace is growing, at the moment you will find more than 20 Apps, that are offered by SAP, T-Systems, Siemens, German Edge Cloud, Bosch, Spherity, Cofinity-X and many more providers.

App Marketplace

Explore over 20 innovative apps from Cofinity-X and our partners, tailored to the automotive value chain.

App Marketplace

Service Marketplace

Explore consulting services ranging from initial guidance to full execution of integration with your company’s back-end system.

Service Marketplace

Frequently asked questions

How long does the onboarding process typically take?

The duration of the onboarding process can vary. It’s important to involve all relevant internal stakeholders, especially legal and an IT administrator, to speed up the process. Our experts will be able to provide you with a more detailed estimate once they have understood the scope of your project.

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How long does the registration take?

Typically, the registration takes 1-2 business days once all the necessary documentation is in place.

What is the clearing house? 

The Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) is a key component of the Gaia-X initiative, which aims to create a secure and federated data infrastructure in Europe. The GXDCH serves as a central node for verifying compliance with the Gaia-X rules and enabling organizations to take part to any Gaia-X ecosystems (Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace, etc.).  

Which internal roles are typically involved for a smooth onboarding process?  

Several internal roles are critical to a smooth onboarding process:

  • Legal: Ensure legal compliance of agreements and contracts.
  • IT administrators: Set up technical infrastructure, including user accounts and security measures.

Together, these roles ensure a seamless and compliant onboarding experience for our customers.

What company information is needed for the registration? 

The following company information is required to complete the registration process:

  • Name and address of the legal entity.
  • Personal information, such as email, for sending invitations.
  • Identifier ID, such as VAT ID, for verification purposes.
  • Company roles to define access and permissions.
  • Date of signing the framework agreement.

These details will ensure a complete and accurate registration, facilitating a smooth onboarding into our dataspace.

Step-by-step registration guide

Do you have any further questions?

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