Golden Record – the most accurate database in automotive industry.

Step into the new era of master data management with Golden Record’s robust verification process.

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Key Features

Your unique Business Partner Number

Golden Record issues a globally unique Business Partner Number (BPN) within the Catena-X ecosystem, ensuring precise identification across the automotive supply chain.

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Continuously Updated Database

Golden Record’s database offers the most accurate business partner information, sourced directly from major manufacturers and industry contributors. Your data will be automatically updated, deduplicated, cleansed and enriched.

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Easy Setup

Golden Record offers a streamlined and straightforward setup. Enjoy seamless onboarding and secure, self-sovereign data exchange, leveraging SAP’s integration package on your custom connector.

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Key Functions


The deduplication feature of Golden Record ensures the identification and removal of duplicate records, giving you a clean and consolidated dataset. Trust in accurate and reliable data to make well-informed decisions.


Golden Record’s advanced cleansing capabilities carefully screen your data, correcting errors and inconsistencies to deliver flawless results. Enhance your operations with accurate data.


Golden Record goes beyond cleansing by enriching your data set with valuable insights and additional information. Elevate your data’s potential.

Automated Updates

Golden Record’s automatic update feature ensures that your data is always up to date without any manual intervention. Keep your data current effortlessly.

Change Notification

Golden Record guarantees you are always in the loop with alerts about data updates from other entities. No more manual checking required!

Trusted Insights

Sven Lorenz

Head of Group Data & AI Volkswagen Group

Many challenges in the automotive supply chain, be they regulatory, economic or geopolitical, can only be solved in the future with the help of a powerful data ecosystem. Catena-X is such a system and Volkswagen is relying on it. Cofinity-X and Volkswagen GIS AG are cornerstones for the realisation of the Catena-X vision for Volkswagen.

Dennis Schröer

Data Domain Manager Business Partner Data Audi AG

With the go-live of Volkswagen and Cofinity-X in Catena-X, we are setting new standards in master data management. The introduction of the Business Partner Number (BPN) and the Golden Record enables a considerable reduction in the manual effort involved in maintaining our master data. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive view of business partners and optimises data quality in the long term. This collaboration stands for maximum efficiency and transparency in business partner data management.

Patricia Stich

CEO Volkswagen Group Info Services

The successful integration of BPDM into the Catena-X network is a milestone on the way to standardised data transfer along the entire automotive value chain. The successful implementation underlines our goal as VW GIS AG to radically simplify the cross-company provision of data for our vehicle brands. It is further proof of what we can achieve through strategic partnerships within the Group and across the industry.

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