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Use Case: Technical Enablement

To access the Catena-X Dataspace, a participant needs standardized connectivity methods to ensure interoperability, trust and a compliant use of common interaction patterns. Therefore, technical enablement services combine the three aspects of identity management, data exchange via a connector and access to compatible digital twins.

  • Dataspace OS by Cofinity-X
  • Connect by T-Systems
  • SoviCore Connect by sovity
  • Data Space Integration by SAP
  • Digital Twin Registry by Bosch
  • DataQ by Datafabriq

Dataspace OS

Use Case: Technical Enablement Cofinity-X

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) standard anables trustworthy data exchange among certified data providers and recipients, based on mutually agreed rules. Dataspace OS provides everything you need to manage your Catena-X dataspace and be ready to exchange data within the network.

Connect & Integrate

Use Case: Technical Enablement T-Systems

With Connect & Integrate, we provide end-to-end managed service for connection and data integration in Catena-X network at affordable monthly rates for all sizes of enterprises. We are cloud-agnostic, use-case-agnostic and vendor-independent. Our IDSA certified connector takes away the technical complexity and enables connection to Catena-X without coding or manual configuration. Our integration services offer solutions ranging from simple cases such as manual and scheduled data integration to complex building blocks such as API based integrations to ERP, PLM, ALM and other legacy backend systems.

SoviCore Connect

Use Case: Technical Enablement Sovity

Sovitys certified enablement services allow joining Catena-X in shortest time and without deep technology knowhow. With sovitys Connector-as-a-Service EDC you can plug and play your data sources to exchange data sovereignly. Register Digital Twins in the embedded dDTR, add use case applications from the marketplace and start value creation.

Data Space Integration

Use Case: Technical Enablement SAP

Overcome the challenges of disconnected, fragmented business processes by leveraging data from an industry network to predict business risks and make better, faster decisions.

Digital Twin Registry

Use Case: Technical Enablement Bosch

Introducing the Digital Twin Registry by Bosch, tailored for companies seeking to advance their technical capabilities. This tool simplifies the registration and discovery of digital twins and their aspects. Moreover, it empowers users to effortlessly modify, add, or deregister aspects and digital twins as needed. With clear access restrictions for both the API and user interface, the Digital Twin Registry ensures maximum security and control over your data. Ideal for technical enablement use cases.


Usecase: Technical Enablement Datafabriq

DatafabriQ acts as a partner in removing the technological hurdles of a data space and enabling the latest advancement for all related Catena-X use cases. Allowing EVERY COMPANY to focus on scaling their Catena-X use cases. Our solution DataQ provides a seamless journey to transform products into digital twins, enhance them with use case capabilities, and connect them to other twins alongside the supply chain.

Use Case: Traceability

The Catena-X network is trying to lay the foundation for end-to-end traceability: All participants use a common ecosystem, through which they document their hardware and software deployments and exchange information. 

  • Trace-X by Cofinity-X
  • ONCITE DPS Track & Trace by German Edge Cloud
  • BN Material Traceability by SAP
  • Trusted Traceability by Siemens


Use Case: Traceability Cofinity-X

The value creation of a vehicle is complex: From production to use and recycling, all the processes must be closely coordinated and comprehensible. This is accomplished through traceability. Quality alerts and investigatons can be automatically created and shared across the value chain. Coming Soon! Stay tuned for updates.

ONCITE DPS Track & Trace

Use Case: Traceability German Edge Cloud

With a Track & Trace solution, data is collected from all relevant data sources, such as sensors, IT systems, plants, transport systems, etc., linked to the component and stored in a valid data memory. Using a unique ID/serial number, all relevant information on this part can then be read and analysed.

BN Material Traceability

Use Case: Traceability SAP

Optimize supply chain planning and support digitalized operations, smart warehousing, and sustainability through network collaboration with packages that are part of the Catena-X initiative.

Trusted Traceability

Use Case: Traceability Siemens

In almost all industries, product quality and sustainability are top priorities. Trusted Traceability enables you to exchange quality information and trace down quality issues quickly and easily. It documents the genealogy for your product within your production and along the value chain and simplifies information retrieval. Get the right information with a single click and within seconds.

Use Case: Sustainability & CO2-Footprint

A uniform methodology that specifies existing standards and procedures is needed to record and compare carbon data. Catena-X describes this in a carbon-specific set of rules, the Catena-X Product Carbon Footprint Rulebook.

  • Sustainability Data Exchange by SAP
  • SiGREEN by Siemens

Sustainability Data Exchange

Use Case: Sustainability & CO2-Footprint SAP

SAP Sustainability Data Exchange (SDX) is a SaaS solution for buyers and suppliers. The solution allows trading partners to communicate and manage product carbon footprint information across the supply chain through a request and respond feature. The data exchanged complies with common standards such as WBCSD PACT and Catena-X so that carbon values can be delivered in a trusted, auditable way. It is an interoperable and industry-agnostic.


Use Case: Sustainability & CO2-Footprint Siemens

SiGREEN software allows you to manage and reduce emissions along the entire value chain. Dynamic. Data-driven. Scalable.

Use Case: Quality Management

In the Catena-X network, we exchange data securely and simply across company boundaries on a daily basis. The continuous data chains enable early warning and monitoring of countermeasures, while ensuring secure, sovereign data exchange.

  • Quality Management by SAP

SAP Quality Management

Use Case: Quality Management SAP

SAP Quality Management enables OEMs and suppliers to consolidate, analyze, and exchange quality data from multiple sources and systems. With pre-set or self-defined analytical dashboards, companies detect emerging issues faster and are able to share dedicated data efficiently and secure in a standardized format. SAP’s intelligent analytics and processing of quality data are designed to be enhanced by further Machine Learning algorithms.

Use Case: Business Partner Data Management

The digital transformation of the End-to-End automotive value chain requires a universal standard for business partners worldwide, enhancing efficiency and leading to significant cost reductions.

  • Golden Record by Cofinity-X

Golden Record

Use Case: Business Partner Data Management Cofinity-X

The Golden Record Service deduplicates, cleans and automatically updates business partner data within the Catena-X network. Furthermore the unique Business Partner number (BPN) – which is centrally needed for the Catena-X business concept is issued via this service. This ensures accurate business partner data, crucial for real-time end-to-end supply chain operations.

Use Case: Circular Economy

The Circular Economy helps reduce supply chain risks and makes your company more resilient. It also enables your company to cut down on energy and resource consumption. Catena-X’s Circular Economy solutions offer new business models that your company can take advantage of. 

  • Battery Passport Management System by Spherity
  • Circulor PROVE – Battery Passports by Circulor GmbH

Battery Passport Management System

Use Case: Circular Economy Spherity

Introducing the Battery Passport Management System by Spherity, designed for companies engaged in the circular economy. This system offers automated, verifiable battery passport management, streamlining processes and ensuring transparency throughout the lifecycle of batteries. With compliance as a service, users can rest assured that regulatory requirements are met effortlessly. Additionally, the system provides due diligence reporting, facilitating informed decision-making. Ideal for businesses committed to sustainable practices and efficient resource management.

Circulor PROVE – Battery Passports

Use Case: Circular Economy Circulor GmbH

With the largest network of battery value chain providers participating on our platform and the most sophisticated material traceability technology on the market, Circulor’s pioneering Battery Passport is already being used at production scale by some of the largest electric vehicle makers. We connect supply chains and track the flow of materials from mine or recycler to the final product, gathering primary data at every production step and attaching it to the battery passport. A leader in supply chain transparency, Circulor’s technology enables you to prove you are meeting the battery regulations while providing the the data that underpins your claims and creates the visibility needed to manage supply chain risks.

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