Welcome to
system health page.

Below you will find status information for all Cofinity-X products and services.

Current Health by Service

  • Portal and Marketplace: Running
  • SD-Factory: Running
  • Semantic Hub: Running
  • Managed Identity Wallet: Running
  • BPN Issuer: Running
  • Partner Network: Running

Upcoming Maintenance Dates

  • [Maintenance Activity 1]: [Date and Time]
  • [Maintenance Activity 2]: [Date and Time]

Recent Incidents

  • Incident [Incident Number]: [Incident Title]
    Status: Resolved
    Priority: Low
    Description: Brief description of the incident and the steps taken to resolve it.
    Affected Services: List of affected services
    Incident Start Time: [Date and Time]
    Incident Resolution Time: [Date and Time]